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Rest assured we remain open to serve the health care needs of our community!  Details on the “Stay at Home” order are available on the state website –Click Here for more details.

A Message from our CEO to the Community and our Patients

Across the world, we are going through an unprecedented turn of events as the global effect of the coronavirus(COVID-19) changes the way we live our everyday lives.

While there are many questions and concerns and rapid changes in information and news, we want to reassure our community that West Feliciana Hospital is here to serve you when the need arises. Whether you are seeking care due to symptoms related to the coronavirus or an emergency arises, we remain open and are ready to assist.

We are taking the risk seriously and have implemented additional in-hospital precautionary measures to reduce the spread of viruses and germs by following CDC guidelines. Ultimately, should you need hospital care, our goal is to provide patients with a safe visit so they can return home quickly to their families. If you need a Primary Care Physician please call us at (225) 635-3269 for the St. Francis Primary Care Clinic.

If you have any questions on a local level about the coronavirus, please monitor our Facebook page or visit For general information please call the state hotline at 211. For a straightforward look at the virus and how to prevent its spread, visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website:

By all working together, we will continue to manage this situation and soon return to our normal lives. We thank you for your support and cooperation.


Lee Chastant, CEO

For the most current information please watch the short video running on this page.

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