Wellness & Outreach

Many big health problems can be avoided with simple lifestyle changes and small steps every day. Your body has a remarkable ability to heal itself, but only if it has the right tools.

At West Feliciana Hospital, we know just how important it is to invest in your own health, and we believe part of our mission is to give you the tools to do so. That’s why we offer a variety of educational programs, classes, and services, to teach you how to live a more healthy, risk-free life.

Don’t wait until you’ve got a problem to act on your health. Be proactive and learn how to take the best care of yourself through our wellness and outreach programs.

Community Outreach Classes

Do you know what to do if someone is choking or has a heart attack? Do your family members or employees know?

Over 300,000 cardiac arrests take place each year outside of a hospital setting, and the majority of these take place in a home. However, 70% of Americans don’t know how or have forgotten how to perform CPR. And in the event of a heart attack, an educated bystander can be the difference between life and death.

At West Feliciana Hospital, we’ve made a name for ourselves by being prepared for emergencies, and we want to empower our community to be prepared, too. Our community outreach classes, seminars, and events are designed to educate our community and improve their health and quality of life.

Interested in having our team host a training event for your organization?
Give us a call at 225-635-2414.

Basic CPR Classes

Basic Heart Saver-based CPR and choking prevention classes for infants, children, and adults are available along with basic First Aid training.

Healthcare Provider CPR Classes

If you work in the healthcare industry and need certifications in lifesaving techniques like CPR, you can earn your BLS (Basic Life Support) certification here at West Feliciana Hospital.

Safe Sitter Babysitting Training Classes

Hundreds of cities across the country offer Safe Sitter Babysitting Training Classes, and West Feliciana Hospital is proud to be a part of this.

The Safe Sitter Babysitting Training Program teaches 11-13 year olds safe and nurturing childcare techniques, behavior management skills, and how to respond to emergencies when caring for younger children.

Social Services

Getting well or staying healthy can be complicated without guidance. The West Feliciana Hospital Social Services Department is here to help you navigate through your health and wellness.

We can help you by:

  • Providing mental health assessments, as well as discharge planning and ongoing education.
  • Making referrals for things like mental health appointments, home health and personal care attendants, hospice, and durable medical equipment.
  • Locating the things they need like prescription assistance, Medicaid programs and waivers, legal services, Council on Aging services, and more.
  • Providing crisis intervention and short-term counseling.
  • Acting as an advocate and liaison between patients, families, and doctors so all are aligned and focused on patient recovery.
  • Making sure patients are satisfied and any problems or complaints are handled quickly.
  • Handling applications and information about West Feliciana Hospital’s Charity Care program.
  • Providing education, motivation, and behavioral modification for those in our Diabetes Program.
  • Giving our community a resource it can count on.

*West Feliciana Hospital is a Louisiana Medicaid Program Certified Application Center.

If you want to apply for Medicaid coverage, our social worker is a trained Medicaid Application Specialist and can help you apply.

Call 225-635-3811 for more information.

Level 3 Wellspot

We take extra measures to make sure that the environment we’ve created at West Feliciana Hospital lives up to our claims. It’s important to us that our hospital promotes the health and wellness of our patients and employees to the fullest extent. Because of the measures we’ve taken to ensure this, we are proud to declare that we’ve been designated a Level 2 WellSpot.

Being recognized as a Louisiana WellSpot means that we voluntarily implement healthy changes (wellness benchmarks) to better the lives of our employees and community. Some of these benchmarks include our campus-wide tobacco-free policy, our staff worksite wellness programming, and health education for our patients.

Dietary Instruction

healthy meal

West Feliciana Parish Hospital Nutritional Services Department offers a variety of services, including physician-ordered special diet meals, staff and visitor lunches, and special catering for meetings and community events. Our cafeteria is open to you 24 hours a day, and offers complimentary coffee/beverage service to you and your guests. Additionally, all WFPH inpatient pediatric parents can enjoy complimentary guest meals.

To best help you meet your nutritional needs and achieve your personal goals, our Registered Dietitian (with physician referral) will provide you with educational resources and a customized meal plan. You’ll be served southern-style home cooking from a selective menu that’s tailored specifically to your dietary needs.

You don’t need to travel back and forth to bigger cities to get quality care.

Get the help you need to be healthy now.

You don’t need to travel back and forth to bigger cities to get quality care.

Get the help you need to be healthy now.