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We aim to be the best people we can be, provide you with the best care, and create the healthiest community.

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At West Feliciana, our mission is to provide high quality, cost-effective healthcare in a safe environment consistent with the needs of the community we serve.

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We take our mission very seriously, and with that we strive to uphold the following values: integrity, education, improvement, consideration, respect, courtesy.

The Early Years

In 1948, when Dr. Philip and Mary Gould moved to West Feliciana Parish, they formed a vision — a vision of accessible, high-quality healthcare for the West Feliciana community.

As the parish grew over the years, so did interest in a community hospital. Eventually, after two decades of economic development and planning, parish residents cast their ballots in favor of building their own hospital, and the Gould’s vision became a reality.

Construction began in 1969, and Dr. Gould and his stepfather, Dr. Philip Niebergall, worked closely with architects and medical consultants to create a high-quality, efficient facility design. On February 2 of 1970, West Feliciana Hospital officially opened. Dr. Philip and Mary Gould’s vision for accessible and high-quality healthcare was fully realized, but it wasn’t finished.

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A New Beginning

Ever since those early days of dreaming, West Feliciana Hospital has been a family-centered practice. In fact, the road to campus bears the name of Dr. Philip and Mary’s son (Dr. Alfred Gould) out of our commitment to family.

This commitment to family is why we redesigned our facilities in 2017. Our tight-knit community deserved more out of their hospital, so with patient comfort & recovery in mind, we redesigned every detail.

We raised $27.7 million for this renovation, because you and your family are important to us. You deserve the latest technologies, superior healthcare services, and the most comfortable & accessible experience possible.

A Symbol of Our Commitment to You

As a beautiful and prominent feature of the natural West Feliciana Parish landscape, the hummingbird serves as a fitting symbol for our hospital. In addition to its ties to the region, the hummingbird is emblematic of what sets us apart. West Feliciana Hospital’s tenacity and endurance have allowed us to grow and provide a wide-range of services and resources from a team of highly-specialized doctors.

We move quickly, so you can enjoy shorter wait times but still receive attentive, customized care thanks to our high doctor-to-patient ratio. And just like the hummingbird, we are constantly in motion, consistently striving to improve our facilities and our care. In this way, our recent renovations are more than just a symbol of our commitment to continued progress — they are the physical manifestation of our pledge to provide exceptional patient-centered care.

The hummingbird was a special source of inspiration to John James Audubon, a famous naturalist and artist who lived in West Feliciana during the 19th century. Just as the humming bird raised Audubon’s spirits & influenced his artwork, we hope the beauty of our facilities and the genuine compassion of our specialists will provide you with the comfort and care you need to recover, so you’ll continue influencing our community in the ways that only you can.

Who Is WFPH?

Ensuring that our facilities, equipment, and staff are fully-equipped to serve you, is our incredible leadership team. Our leaders work behind the scenes to maintain our level of excellence, and they’re always looking for new ways to raise the bar. It’s our goal to provide you with the best stay possible, so we make every decision with you in mind.

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