Lab Work & Blood Bank

Getting lab work done is already a hassle, but if you have to abstain from eating and travel many miles to reach the lab, then it can be downright miserable. Although we can’t do anything about your hunger, we can help you avoid unnecessary drive times.

West Feliciana Hospital’s comprehensive lab is only a few minutes away in Saint Francisville. We offer high-complexity testing, as well as moderate and waived testing. We’ll get you in and out in no time.

blood tubes

Laboratory Work

Your labs will be done in our fully-functioning, on-site lab. West Feliciana Hospital offers the same lab services you will find in Baton Rouge, but you’ll get faster results more conveniently and comfortably.

nurses at blood bank

Blood Bank

If you need blood-related care, West Feliciana Hospital has the supplies and skills to provide immediate transfusions.

Hours of Operation

Routine lab work

Monday – Friday (7am – 5:30pm)
Saturday (7am – 11pm)

You don’t need to travel back and forth to bigger cities to get quality care.

Get the lab work you need without the travel.