What if you could feel better by just spending time at home?

Having an illness that requires a stay in the hospital is stressful. At West Feliciana Hospital, we strive to make you feel comfortable in a place that’s not your own home.

Dealing with that “hospital” feeling while staying for an extended time in a medical center isn’t pleasant, and that’s where we’re different.

West Feliciana Hospital was built with your comfort and your recovery in mind. You’ll have a private room that is designed to make you feel at home, whether you’re staying here for just one day or an extended visit.

patient receiving care

Acute Care

Your room is private, and you’re treated like a member of the family. That’s the experience for acute care patients at West Feliciana Hospital. Your primary care physician oversees your short-term care and can treat illnesses like:

Congestive heart failure
Urinary tract infections
physical therapist working with patient

Skilled Care

When you need extra time and attention to recover from an illness or procedure, West Feliciana Hospital provides high-quality, extended inpatient care close to your home. You’ll get more personalized care, thanks to a better nurse-to-patient ratio.

Along with that, you’ll be here at home with your family and friends, instead of staying dozens of miles away. An overnight guest is welcomed throughout your entire stay, and we’ll feed them too!

Recovery isn’t easy, which is why we designed our new rooms with your comfort in mind. If your physician decides that you need an extended stay, ask them to let you heal closer to home at West Feliciana Hospital. We offer the following services with our inpatient care:

IV or tube feedings
IV, IM, or SC injections
Central line care
Nasopharyngeal, tracheotomy suctioning
Dressing changes requiring aseptic technique
Pain management
Wound care
Tracheotomy care
Insertion and irrigation of sterile catheters
Rehab nursing and training
The development of a Nursing Care Plan and follow-up, including outcome and reassessment
Patient and/or family teaching of certain illnesses, including Diabetes, prevention of disease process complications with strokes, and pulmonary and cardiac rehabilitation
Therapy skills, including physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech and language therapy

When it comes to longer-term hospital stays, most patients would rather be closer to home, family, and friends. Our skilled nursing care and inpatient rehabilitation therapy offers local residents high-quality care without having to leave the community.

In fact, you will actually receive the same excellent nursing care from the team that cared for you during your first few acute care days. So, if you need an extended hospital stay, ask your physician about healing with us in St. Francisville, closer to home.

For more information, contact   225-635-2409. 

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