Imaging Services

Early, accurate diagnosis gives you the best chance of a full recovery. You don’t have to spend the day driving and waiting for hours to gain access to your prescribed diagnostic technology.

West Feliciana Hospital’s brand-new imaging center gives you access to the latest diagnostic technology right here in your own backyard. Whether you need an MRI, X-ray, ultrasound, CT Scan, or mammogram, you can access the newest technology on the market right here in St. Francisville.

We also utilize technology to provide you and your physician with instant access to the images. The West Feliciana Hospital Imaging Department provides high-quality imaging services 24/7 and is conveniently located just inside the main entrance.

Call today and talk with the healthcare team focused on your comfort and health at West Feliciana Hospital.

patient getting mri

MRI Scans

We know that medical tests can be a bit daunting — especially MRI scans. At West Feliciana Hospital, we want to ease any anxiety you may have as you pursue better health. Fast, accurate diagnoses don’t have to cause discomfort anymore.

Our cutting-edge Hitachi Echelon Oval MRI provides the highest quality diagnostics and the most comfortable patient experience possible. Additionally, the Oval features feet-first imaging capabilities and the widest opening on the market to allow you greater freedom of positioning, simultaneously decreasing any claustrophobic experiences.

patient getting ct scan

CT Scans

Accurate imaging services allow your doctor to diagnose your medical issues correctly and to treat you quickly. For years, imaging was uncomfortable and dangerous due to radiation exposure, but at West Feliciana Hospital, imaging is easy.

The Hitachi SCENERIA 128 Slice ultra-low dose CT we use is an advanced machine built with patient comfort in mind. Also, this machine gives you the lowest radiation exposure possible (over 80% lower than most other machines) while giving your doctor the highest quality image.

The 128 Slice offers:
• Lowest radiation exposure possible (Over 80% lower than current)
• Highest image quality and fastest scan times
• The capability for cardiac imaging
• A large opening and wide, lateral shifting table
• Accommodations for patients up to 500 lbs.

When you have your imaging done at WFH, we track all of your cumulative radiation exposure to ensure your safety over the years.

women wearing pink for breast cancer awareness

3D Mammography

Thanks to advances in treatment, increased awareness, and early detection technologies like 3D mammography, the number of breast cancer deaths has decreased in recent years.

What is a 3D mammogram?

A new technology – tomosynthesis – uses low-dose x-ray waves to scan sections of your chest and breast tissues. By stiching together 120 images of your breast tissues, we can produce a clear, precise breast cancer screening.

Why choose a 3D mammogram?

3D mammography peers through dense tissue and reveals hidden cancer cells previously undetectable by traditional 2D imagery, resulting in an earlier and more accurate diagnosis.

Furthermore, the earlier your cancer is diagnosed, the faster you can get the appropriate treatment and the better your chances of a full recovery. These 3D mammograms take only slightly longer than a traditional scan and have low radiation exposure.

Is a 3D mammogram the best choice for you?

West Feliciana Hospital and Woman’s Hospital support 2D technology and encourage you to perform monthly breast self-examinations. However, if you have dense breast tissue or are in a high-risk category for breast cancer, we strongly recommend cancer screening using 3D mammography.

patient getting ultrasound


You’re most likely familiar with using ultrasounds as a way for doctors to see a growing child inside the womb and to check on their health and development. That’s not the only use for ultrasound technology, though. It can help your doctor diagnose many different problems quickly, painlessly, and with no radiation.

Using sound waves to image organs and blood vessels, West Feliciana Hospital can give your doctors the necessary information to make confident and accurate decisions about your health.

West Feliciana Hospital uses GE Logiq E9 XDClear 2.0 Ultrasound technology to give you the clearest picture of your health.

doctors reviewing xray

General X-Rays

West Feliciana Hospital features a RADSpeed Pro EDGE – a top-of-the-line General Radiography System – as well as a FluoroSpeed 300 Digital R/F System for fluoroscopy.

Each of these state-of-the-art machines showcases a modern design that considers all users in a wide range of situations, making them ideal for a variety of examinations. The RADSpeed Pro EDGE minimizes X-Ray coverage beyond the desired area, so you aren’t subject to excessive exposure. All X-Ray exams are walk-in outpatient, so you don’t need to worry about making an appointment.

patient getting blood pressure taken

Heart Healthy

A simple, quick $99 test could save your life.

Every 39 seconds, someone in America dies from heart disease according to the American Heart Association. The doctors at St. Francis Rural Health Clinic offer an assessment of your heart health. For just $99, we can provide a non-invasive calcium score using our HeartSaver CT scan.

patient getting bone density scan

Bone Density Testing

Oftentimes, people don’t even know they’re suffering from osteoporosis until they break a bone. Osteoporosis is a disease that silently and progressively reduces the density and quality of your bones.

By measuring the calcium content in your hip and spine with X-rays, West Feliciana Hospital’s imaging services can test for osteoporosis, and then monitor your progress during treatment. Our bone density tests focus on smaller areas than complete bone scans, which makes the process much faster and exposes you to far less radiation.

Don’t wait until you break something before you get tested for osteoporosis. Receiving the proper treatment early on can improve your bone density and decrease the risk of fracture.

Call today and talk with the healthcare team focused on your comfort and health at West Feliciana Hospital.

Diagnostics Imaging at West Feliciana Hospital is conveniently located just inside the Main Entrance.

Call today and talk with the healthcare team focused on your comfort and health at West Feliciana Hospital.

Diagnostics Imaging at West Feliciana Hospital is conveniently located just inside the Main Entrance.