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St. Francisville Outpatient Rehabilitation

At West Feliciana Hospital, your therapy is close to home with a personal touch. Staffed by St. Francis Rehabilitation Services right next to our hospital campus, you’ll have access to some of healthcare’s most advanced technology right here in St.…

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Wound Care Center

Specialized Wound Care Every Friday Wounds that are hard-to-heal and/or non-healing may be a result of pressure, trauma, or infection. Sometimes, the simplest of wounds can turn into a significant problem due to underlying conditions such as diabetes, circulation problems,…

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Wellness & Outreach

Many big health problems can be avoided with simple lifestyle changes and small steps every day. Your body has a remarkable ability to heal itself, but only if it has the right tools. At West Feliciana Hospital, we know just…

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Lab Work & Blood Bank

Getting lab work done is already a hassle, but if you have to abstain from eating and travel many miles to reach the lab, then it can be downright miserable. Although we can’t do anything about your hunger, we can…

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Emergency Care

Medical emergencies are scary and stressful. And no matter how big or small the emergency, the last thing you want is a wait time. The Emergency Department at West Feliciana Hospital is located at the front of our facility, open…

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Outpatient Infusion Therapy

Infusion therapy is now available at West Feliciana Hospital. We routinely infuse antibiotics, medications for rheumatoid arthritis and calcium deficiency, and fluids for patients like you right here in St. Francisville.

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