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In Good Hands: Recovering Close to Home

When Ronnie Bourgeois needed major surgery, the value of recovering close to home turned out to be priceless.

When St. Francisville resident Ronnie Bourgeois had major surgery, the value of recuperating close to home was priceless. West Feliciana Hospital was there for him.

In 2019, the 74-year-old underwent a reverse total shoulder replacement at Zachary’s Lane Regional Medical Center. Bourgeois spent the following weeks recovering at West Feliciana Hospital. He was grateful, and does not take for granted the facility and services offered close to home.

“Once I got to West Feliciana Hospital after being at Lane for three or four days, I was so grateful,” Bourgeois says. “I just felt like I’d come home. I felt like I was among friends and family.”

Bourgeois, a longtime West Fel resident, has been a patient at the original hospital and the new West Feliciana Hospital facility. Mrs. Stella Bourgeois, Ronnie’s wife of 46 years, served as Director of Nursing at the hospital’s original campus prior to retirement.

Post Recovery

Even post-recovery, Bourgeois still utilizes the hospital’s outpatient services, particularly for lab and advanced imaging services. The proximity of the St. Francisville facility means never having to travel far for exceptional care.  With a medical history that includes two previously torn rotator cuffs, convenience matters.  

Having access to high-quality healthcare nearby has made a big difference for other members of the Bourgeois family as well. Ronnie recalls one weekend when Stella suddenly fell ill after suffering an adverse reaction to medication. Once she was in the care of the hospital’s emergency room doctors, Ronnie was comforted knowing his wife was in good hands.

As we age, our healthcare needs become more complex. We face an increased likelihood of developing one or more chronic conditions. These conditions require ongoing medical attention. Studies show the most effective ways to manage these issues depend on delivery of coordinated care. Coordinated, Connected Care is the ability for providers and diagnostic services to collaborate quickly.  

As Ronnie and Stella have aged, they find themselves needing the hospital’s services more often. Bourgeois can’t say enough about the importance of having services connected to his primary care providers, close to home. Every second counts, including non-emergency heath care.

“I use the hospital for everything I can,” Bourgeois says. “The care I get here is exceptional and when you combine it with the convenience, you can’t beat it.”

If you have a surgery or are hospitalized out of town, but wish to recover in town closer to home, read more about our inpatient care.

Need to visit the hospital for treatment or scheduled wellness care during the coronavirus pandemic? No need to worry! With stringent COVID-19 guidelines in place, a visit to West Feliciana Hospital is as safe as it’s always been.

Everyone entering campus buildings is screened for symptoms and must wear a mask at all times. Click here to view all of WFH’s COVID-19 guidelines and click here to watch WFH’s COVID-19 safety videos.

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