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Road to Recovery: Physical Therapy’s Role on the Journey to Wellness

physical therapy st francisville

It’s good to know that West Feliciana Hospital provides rehabilitation services close to home.

Founded in 1997 by PT Patrick Brumfield, St. Francis Rehabilitation Services is the outpatient and physical therapy department of WFH. Serving West Feliciana Parish and surrounding areas for more than two decades, it offers physical, occupational, speech, and aquatic therapy to community members of all ages; creating a path back to a pain-free, functional lifestyle for every patient.

The department provides need-based inpatient rehabilitation services, as well as outpatient rehab services at a recently renovated 5,350 sq. ft. facility. Conveniently enough, it’s located right down the road from the new WFH campus.

When Nicole Boyle, PTA, started working with Brumfield in 2005, the center was seeing around 40 patients a week. Now, with expanded staff, hours, and facilities, the staff is often caring for that many patients in a day.

physical therapy st francisville

The hospital’s rehabilitation team works closely with every patient.

Physical therapy vs occupational therapy: What’s the difference?

Occupational and physical therapy work with other treatments to address illnesses and injuries that may limit a person’s ability to move freely, avoid pain, and participate fully in normal activities. Physical therapists focus on musculoskeletal and neurological impairments associated with conditions like Parkinson’s, cerebral palsy, and stroke. Responding to community need, therapists also treat work and sports-related injuries, back and neck pain, balance problems, orofacial and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) pain, and pre and post surgical rehabilitation.

Occupational therapy enhances patients’ ability to perform everyday activities, or modifies activities or environments to better support their capabilities.

“I’ve been an OT for over 30 years, and what you find is that attitude and mindset are 98% of the healing that’s achieved.” – Charisse Wakeland.

Charisse Wakeland, an occupational therapist for decades, worked with Sharon Deloach after her 2016 accident. She helped restore Sharon’s autonomy and ability to participate in daily life. Together, they worked to overcome various challenges. For example, when it became clear that nerve damage to Sharon’s right arm would limit the strength of her dominant, right hand, Charisse taught Sharon techniques to help her switch dominance from her right hand, to her left.

aqua pool patient

Sharon Deloach with PTA Ashley Myers at the aqua therapy pool.

Cool in the pool

Specialized equipment—like an in-ground aquatic therapy pool (above)—gives therapists the tools to serve even more West Feliciana area patients. Made weightless by the water, patients like Sharon who are experiencing various disabilities and orthopedic conditions, use the pool to build strength, restore joint mobility, and reduce swelling. This frees them from weight-bearing restrictions and joint pain that would make the same exercises difficult or impossible on land.

Effective healing needs to be affordable

Growth in size, staff, hours, and specialized equipment means more patients get better. As the official rehabilitation department of West Feliciana Hospital, St. Francis Rehab can also accept most forms of insurance. This makes the path to recovery not just a little shorter, but more affordable, too.

Call 225-635-2448 today to learn more about the therapeutic options available right here in West Feliciana.

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