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COVID-19 Vaccines Begin for Healthcare

covid-19 vaccinescovid vaccine

COVID-19 vaccines begin for healthcare workers at West Feliciana Hospital. We have received our first 75 doses of the Covid 19 vaccine. The United States government has allocated the first rounds for hospital and healthcare workers. Our employees signed up for the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine to help in the continuing fight against the pandemic. The vaccine consists of 2 doses given 21 days apart.  Employees will be monitored throughout that time for any side effects. We do not currently know when allocations will be sent out for the general public. We are staying abreast of the most current information and will provide those details as they become available.

Doctor Takes Vaccineemployees vaccinated

COVID-19 vaccines begin for healthcare workers and we are anxiously awaiting the future for all.  As we have new information on vaccines, we will share with you.

Read more from the CDC on the origin and clinical trials.

See more about our campus covid safety protocol.

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