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Continuous Care Program For Medicare Recipients

Man checking blood sugar for continuous care provider

     West Feliciana Hospital is proud to announce the launch of our Continuous Care Program. This program is geared toward Medicare and Medicare Advantage recipients who have been diagnosed with two or more chronic health issues. The program was developed to better serve patient needs by providing individualized care on a regular basis with his or her care team. When you are enrolled in the Continuous Care Program, you will meet with your primary care provider and Continuous Care Navigator. At that time, you will be provided with a custom care plan, a direct line to your nurse, the option to communicate electronically or by phone, and the ability to reach out to your medical care team 24/7. “As technology advances, we often find our patients overwhelmed,” said Dr. Brandon Tilley, St. Francis Pediatrics. “To make the process simple, our Continuous Care Program customizes communications to meet the patients’ individual needs. Program participants will receive many benefits from this program, but our number one goal is to keep our patients healthy. This is attainable by efficiently and effectively preventing health problems before they arise.”

     Coinciding with the Continuous Care Program, some of our patients will qualify for RPM (remote patient monitoring) within their home. If a patient qualifies, they will receive a device such as a blood pressure cuff, pulse ox, or blood glucose monitor. When this device is issued, the data uploads directly to the patient’s chart via cellular service. The assigned care team member will monitor the data and collaborate with the patient and doctor to accommodate changes that need to occur. Much of the time, the M.D. can make medication changes or the nurse can educate the patient without the need for an immediate office visit. This is especially helpful in our rural community.

     If you would like to learn more about this program and determine if it is right for you, reach out to your primary care provider at your next visit or place a call to the Continuous Care Navigator, Jamie Coley, LPN in the Primary Care Clinic at 225-635-3269. Jamie has served our community in healthcare for over 25 years and she is looking forward to hearing from you!

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