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New Dimensions in Care – 3D Mammography is Here

3d mammogram machine

3D mammography is the new standard of care. For early detection, it’s unbeatable.

West Feliciana Parish Hospital, in partnership with Woman’s Hospital of Baton Rouge, is proud to have expanded its breast cancer detection and treatment services, bringing a new standard of care to the St. Francisville campus.

Previously, 3D mammography was only available at West Feliciana one day each month, with technicians bringing a mobile unit from Baton Rouge to offer the latest diagnostic services. Thanks to our recent expansion, a full range of diagnostic imaging services is now available in Saint Francisville. Two days a week, 3D mammograms are available using WFH’s advanced new scanning equipment. A trained technologist from Woman’s Hospital will also be on-site to perform examinations.

So, what is 3D mammography?

3D mammography, or breast tomosynthesis, is a non-invasive cancer screening exam. It combines a low-dose x-ray system with powerful computer software. It synthesizes some 120 x-ray images taken from multiple angles into a single 3D image of the examined breast.

Breast tomosynthesis uses the same low amount of radiation as a traditional mammogram. Additionally, the imaging process takes less than five seconds. With a 3D mammogram, a doctor is able to produce much clearer, more precise images of the breast, helping to detect the location of any abnormality in dense breast tissue with greater accuracy.

Is 3D mammography right for me?

When it comes to general early detection of breast cancer, West Feliciana Parish Hospital and Woman’s Hospital of Baton Rouge stand by the effectiveness of traditional mammograms, monthly self-examination, and yearly checkups for detection of changes in breast tissue. 3D mammography is an extra preventative measure designed for higher risk patients with a personal or family history of cancer, a heightened risk of breast cancer, or dense breast tissue. The best way to know if it’s is the best diagnostic measure for you is to consult your doctor.

Why is it important that 3D mammography be available in Saint Francisville?

Sure; Baton Rouge isn’t that far. But as every busy person knows, having easy, convenient access to top quality treatment can make the difference between getting that appointment and putting it off until another time. When it comes to successfully treating breast cancer, early detection makes all the difference. That’s why we believe that every mile matters. With our staff of knowledgeable, compassionate professionals, we’re proud to be offering quality care close to home.

To schedule an appointment, or learn more about 3D mammography and our other diagnostic imaging services, call 225-635-2443.

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