Career Opportunities
At various times throughout the year, West Feliciana Parish Hospital has openings for a range of employees. We are an equal opportunity employer and offer our team members competitive pay and benefits. Open positions are posted below. If none are open and you would like to be considered for a position in the future, send us your resume via email on our Locations & Contacts page. 
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ClinicalWest Feliciana Parish Hospital Director of Nursing  
 West Feliciana Parish Hospital Full Time Nurse Practitioner Position West Feliciana Parish Hospital is looking for a Nurse Practitioner to assist one of itsí Family Practice Physician with his patient load and other duties. The job will include assisting with Nursing Home patients  
 West Feliciana Parish Hospital Respiratory Therapist  
Dietary Dietitian  
Intensive OutpatientIntensive Outpatient Center Clinician/SW/Therapist Position  
 Intensive Outpatient Center Patient Transportation driver  



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